Armenian Rug Society Armenian focused society based in California
Kazbah Inflammatory entertaining sometime vendetta by Jack Cassin
New England Rug Society - Rug society based in NE USA.
Oriental Rug Review alas ceased publication in 1996 / Ron O’Callaghan
Rug Books Dennis & Wesley Marquand. Specialist booksellers LA RugBay USA and UK
Textile Museum, Washington DC USA
Turkotek Rug articles and news but not currently active
Weaving Art Musem founded by Jack Cassin

Asia and Far East
Hazara minority of Central Afghanistan South Aral specialists ( UK based )
International Dunhuang Project Eastern Silk Road Studies
Oxuscom List of Central Asian websites
Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong branch
Shibori Info on Japanese technique
Silk Road Journal scientific articles on Mid Asia Ditto other page
Steppe a Central Asian focus magazine ( UK based sadly defunct )
Tribal Textiles Info - Resource for SE Asian and S China textiles ( UK )
Wangden Project encouraging raditional rug weaving in provincial Tibet

Australian National Gallery ANG Indonesian textile collection
Milton Cater Rugs and Surfing in upstate NSW
Fereday DesignSydney based Design and IT Consultancy
Nomadic Rug Traders Sydney’s finest

Abbeg-Stifftung Textile Museum Famed Swiss collection
Berlin Islamic Museum
LeidenNetherlands Textile Research Centre specializing in oriental textiles
Lyon Textile Museum Musées des Tissus et des Arts décorative de Lyon

International, Misc & Technical
CIETA International Standards of reference for textiles, based at Lyon France
Dictionary of Silk Terms 1915 Boston Library Consortium
Hijri date conversion Islamic Hijri to Gregorian / vica-versa
International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC)
Phrontistery Textile lexicon of terms and definitions for fabric & cloth
RUGBAM G Town Diary German dealer John Taylor’s blog - carpets etc.
Saponaria Soapwort Soapwort plant (RHS page)
Seismic Activity tracking earth tremors Gateway for technical textile journals
Wanner, Anna Textile exhibition and publication list

Amnesty International Support for political prisoners worldwide
Open Secret Tracking political funding sources
Tibet charting the dispossession
IPR Institute for War & Peace Reporting
Global Witness Corruption and Ecology
Lend with care - Micro ethical finance
Liberty Campaigning for Civil Liberties
Magitentnational Mag Arms Trade watch
Survival International Support for marginal communities
Transparency International international corruption standards
Reprieve Legal representation issues
Palestine Map charting dispossessions
Palestine Vizualize forum and facts

Spice Island, 22 Osborne Road, Portsmouth, England, UK • circa 1972

Spice Island temp website under construction

Near & Middle East
Council for British Research in the Levant Principally archaeology
Cornucopia Quality Anglo-Turkish magazine
Egyptian Textile Museum ( Facebook page )
Istanbul Museum list brief survey
Turkish Regional map useful map showing regional administrative districts
Vakilar Musuems Istanbul and regional Vakiflar carpet Museums

Mercator International our preferred Marine Cargo
Regency Shipping our preferred Air Cargo

UK / Eire Locations
ArcA2AhivesUK Universities & Colleges / Umbrella National Archives
Bacon,Francis Estate of Official website of the Francis Bacon Estate
Bishopsgate Institute Library Liverpool Street, London UK
Brighton & Hove Museum Green Collection Burmese Textiles etc.
British Museum Africa. Oceanic & Americas
Burrell Collection , Glasgow , Scotland UK
Culture 24 4,000 Cultural centres in UK
Cultural Property Advice UK Government advice Art Trade
Ditchling Museum includes work of textiles artists in this Sussex Museum
Durham University Khayamiyya project Cairo tent makers aka Khayamiya
English Heritage a department of UK Government
Fereday Films Our filmaker Fereday Films
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge , UK
George Fereday Design and Product Resources
Gideon Hatch Bespoke and New Carpets
Haliden of Bath UK’s second oldest rug website
HALI Hali Magazine web pages - International magazine on carpets / textiles
Hainsworth Hainsworth Mill Yorkshire and its felted wool products
Horniman Museum - London’s lesser known ethnographical museum
Iran Society London chapter
Legge Christopher Christopher & Angela Legge, Oxford
Museums & Galleries Commission Database UK
Muslim Heritage Islamic History pubications based in UK
Oriental Rug and Textile Society ORTS GB UK www.facebook/ortsgb
National Archives NB Museums Libraries see Arts Council UK
Pitt Rivers (Ethnographic)Museum Oxford
Owen Parry Oriental Rugs in Wales
Portobello Road Antique trade website
Royal Asiatic Society London
Selvedge Textile Publication
Shetland Isles Museum knittting photographs etc Scotland
SOAS London Middle East Institute,School of Oriental and African Studies
Slow Loris Textiles minorities S.China specialist London
Stroudwater Textile Trust Stroud Textile Heritage
Textile Magazines ( listings )
Textile Society UK
Thermo Lignum Ecological Insect Pest Eradication
TCC UK Textile Conservation Centre Glasgow
Thunderstrand Walter Brew / repairs and services
Traid Recycle Recycle unwanted textiles and clothes
Twist Magazine
ULITA University of Leeds International Textile Archive
Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK

CRORMAC rug circa 1985

CRORMAC Our ground-breaking and highly regarded programme πρόγραμμα developed in the early 1980s