The Letters Of Jerry Anderson (Sep 2015)

Some unique letters of Jerry Anderson whose interview was published in 1996 Hali Magazine. Close typed onto foolscap these letters are published here.

Jerry Anderson came from a Scots military Anglo-Indian background and his was a third or fourth generation. Anderson Road a main thoroughfare in Quetta bazear was named after one of his illustrious forebears. Jerry claims to have spoken several local language which included Farsi, Pashto, Brahoui , Sindhi, Punjabi and of course Urdu and English. Jerry travelled widely into Iran , Afghanistan and beyond collecting animal, bird, shell and carpet specimens for clients in the Gulf and for contributions to Edinburgh museums. Given his extensive tours and contacts he had very special access to unique information.

Some the information contained within might not make for easy reading as he was a unashamed white supremacist. My abiding memory in the company of Jerry was once being royally entertained by Brahoui tribal leaders at a 5 star hotel in Karachi. This colourful and unpredictable man was highly regarded in Pakistani establishment circles. The tragedy being none of his information was committed to any proper paper or book. Such an outcome was fortunately salvaged following my introduction to Tom Cole (USA) who visited Jerry to make the live recorded interview which resulted in the following publication in Hali ( see link ).