Beshir / Ersari antique ensi (215 x 177cm)


215 x 177 cm  //  7ft 1" x 5ft 10"

These Turkmen rugs are attributed to the popultion living along the Amu Darya river to the south and west of Bukhara. The name of Beshir belongs to small town of Beshir alongside and on the north of the river in present day Turkmenistan.

This large rug could once have been an Ensi (door cover for a yurt) with elements of the design and weave associated to the famous Beshir prayer rugs once marketed in Bukhara. The attention to detail in the selvedge is worth noting.

There is a noticable repair to the centre where the rug is worn.

Price includes vat - export customers please apply.

• late 19th cent

Ref. 14740

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