Asytpalaia Dodecanese embroidered valance • (246 x 92cm)

£ 2,800.00

8ft 1" x 3ft

A fine embroidered valance, Asytpalaia, Dodecanese, circa 1700, worked in green and red silks in raised tent stitch with repeat palmettes incorporating cardinal's beretta, church towers, monstrance, with angulated leaf borders.This valance was worked for a bench or a bed and commissioned to celebrate the appointment of a Querini son as a cardinal c.1700. 

The bed hangings from Astypalia/Stampalia recall the association with that island of the very grand Venetian Querini family who  held it until Barbarossa appeared in 1537. They kept their claim to the island in their name Querini-Stampalia, That would be why the Cardinal had and used their emblem.

Provenance: the late Roderick Taylor collection

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