Bespoke New

To order from customer specification

New carpet weaving started in 1983 inspired by the Dobag Project offering best aspects of Turkish carpet weaving using organic dyes and hand spun lustrous wool. At first confined to modernist taste as Piet Mondrian which proved hugely influential has since broadened to include traditional Turkish Ushak carpet design and that of the British Arts & Crafts movement. Recently bespoke staircases being a particular speciality.
For individual quotes email or talk direct on +44 (0) 1453 751400 (not chat). Throughout we have constantly worked with design artists which today include Tom FeredayRifat Ozbek, Soane, Tom Bell, Howe.
Integrity: Socially responsible/non-exploitative labour Ecology: Sustainable natural fibres, high altitude wool, plant/organic mineral dyes
Our 'house style' Ushak runners
Colour charts and qualities | Cartoon drawings | Height of clipped pile for carpets
A strip of colour samples for flatweave kilims | Cartoon drawing of an Indian Agra carpet | Matching colours for a replica of an antique Caucasian runner      
Staircarpet installation adapted from the border of an antique Indian carpet | Publicity photograph (sand quarry) | Sample (top) vs. original (below)
Detail of a commissioned new carpet 2020 | Undyed naturally pigmented wool yarn
Cartoon with carpet loom, Turkey | Original sketch in Gouache, design Mort Figue
Sample of Chinese Art Deco design carpet 20 x 30cm used to confirm order | Staircarpet installation adapted from an antique Persian runner | Colour samples
Colour sample to match original colour | Replica of a carpet originally design by C. F. A. Voysey 
Antique Donegal carpet to be copied 2020 | Detail from our 'house style' Ushak runner design 
Colour sample palette | Copy of 15th C Turkish carpet | Detail from our 'house style' Ushak runner design 
'House style' Ushak runner installed using vintage brass from stock |  Antique Agra carpet with sample to be used for replication