Bespoke Technical

The majority of our carpets are directly monitored and made in central Turkey. Turkish carpets are softer in texture whilst hardier, finer and short clipped carpets are woven in Afghanistan working with Turquoise Mountain and elsewhere in India, ensuring non-exploitive labour practices are upheld.


Bespoke carpets are made to customer's specific requirements and sizes across room settings and staircase planning.

Bespoke staircase plan drawing design
Natural dyes and yarns 

Results using natural dye stuffs Rubia Tinctorum (madder) etc.

Calibrated colour charts. Due to vagaries associated with natural dyes inevitable variations occur meaning precision can never entirely be determined. Our yarn is hand-spun using lustrous high altitude mountain fleece occasionally with a mohair content.

Colour samples
Colour sample kilim roll

Strips of colours samples in flatweave demonstrating the colour range of what may be made up into kilim and tapestry rugs, upholstery fabric or hangings.

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