Cleaning & Restoration

CROR rug repairs

Routine cleaning and repairs can be undertaken at our London workshop, to help preserve the beauty and longevity of your carpet against everyday wear and tear.

Fraying, fading, stains and general wear can all be repaired, in addition to more serious problems such as tears, holes and moth damage, which can be treated. We are also able to resize rugs.

Repair services with a small team can be made available at the customer's location. Major and large-scale carpet restoration works are arranged to be done at our outreach in Turkey.

Rugs and carpets are always cleaned before any repair and restoration work takes place. This is so that any moth larvae and eggs are killed to prevent further damage, dirt and dust is removed making the repair process more efficient and it helps bring out the true colours so they can be matched better to materials. Even without any repair work, a professional clean can make a significant improvement in the health, appearance and longevity of your rug or carpet.

All cleaning work is done using gentle and appropriate natural cleaners that do not damage the natural dyes in the rugs and carpets. Repairs and restorations are undertaken by hand using traditional tools and methods.
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