Indian oversize dhurrie • dated 1901 (640 x 400cm)

£ 3,600.00

640 x 400cm  = 21ft x 13ft 2"

This gigantic cotton tapestry flatweave dhurrie carries an inscription in Gujarati  reading 23.01.1901 Central Goal Baroda . This jail was established  in 1881 with a humanitarian intent based on a panopticon architectural plan with weaving and dying workshops.

One section on a part of the side of the carpet has been rewoven as seen in two of the photos here front and back with ones side being more noticeable . There are other small portions of repair along with several breaks however there is scope for a quick restoration within the price and fundamentally the piece is sound. The dhurrie has been cleaned.

Dated 1901

Ref 15480