Caucasian antique Kasak Genge rug (250 x 110cm)


250 x 110 cm  //  8ft 2" x 3ft 7"

The striped design of this truly stunning Caucasian rug is drawn from prized Jamawar Kashmir or Qajar Yazd striped khatraz shawls. Sometimes seen in Qajar paintings
depicting Qajar nobility and thus to an Azerbaijan Khan, who may have been a patron of the cottage industry, which produced this beautifal rug. Such shawls would have been beyond the reach of the weaver or likely patron, however, the implied status used here is obvious to a discerning eye. Such design can also be seen in the rugs and carpets of 19th C Fars.

One end minor border rewoven - otherwise good pile condition

• circa 1880

Ref. 17685

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