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Operating from a main studio in Stroud (beautiful Cotswold Gloucestershire), Istanbul and London, we are long established in antique rugs and textiles
Additionally we offer a full bespoke service in design, manufacture and the installation of custom rugs, carpets and runners.
The comprehensive care, cleaning and restoration service is provided through a London workshop or by an on-site team at customer's homes and premises. Major projects are overseen in Turkey.
A full research and curation service facility is available to private, corporate and national collections.
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"A medium encompassing great design and colour, all wrapped up with human culture, endeavour and history."


Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs | Stroud | London | Ethics and natural, sustainable materials mat

Sustainability & Ethics

Ethical Working Practices & Responsibility:
Turkey: Following on from the Dobag Project (1980s UNESCO funded endeavour to reintroduce natural dyes and hand spinning), we are helping to maintain cultural heritage by supporting production and rewarding skilled weavers to the best of our ability.
Afghanistan: Working with Turquoise Mountain, a charitable foundation that revives traditional crafts, skills and jobs.

Natural, Sustainable Materials:
Our custom rugs are produced using blends of high-altitude wool , which is hand-spun to produce a high lustre yarn. Native plants and mineral mordents are then used for dyeing. 

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