Bespoke Production To Order

A lifetime’s experience with antique carpets has guided into making hand made carpets to individual requirements — be it straight replicas, moderated antique designs or entirely new concepts. The work also includes installation fit outs with specialty staircases. Most weaving is done in Turkey via our outpost in Istanbul using sustainable materials, natural dyes, hand spun wool and non-exploitative labour.

We work for and alongside creative individuals and companies in the decorative arts including Tom Fereday, Rifat Ozbek, Soane, Howe, Retrouvius, Olivia Outred, Brandon Schubert, Ben Pentreath, Max Rollitt, Salvesen Graham, JR Design, Hendra Studio and the late Tom Bell.

Video: An overview of how our bespoke rugs are made in Turkey

Clive Rogers Orient Rug | Stroud | London | Bespoke technical drawing

Commissioning Process in 5 Stages

1. Initial Site Visit & Assessment
Courtesy visit to take measurements and evaluate the space and all aspects of function

2. Customisation
Agree design and determine colourway combinations, referencing poms and colour charts
NB - due to vagaries associated with natural dyes, inevitable variations occur.

3. Bespoke Artwork & Sample Produced (4-6 weeks)
No obligation bespoke sample made to specifications

4. Contract & Production
A contract is made and 50% deposit billed once the sample and artwork are approved. Weaving commences and time frames established, typically 3-4 months for a large rug / small carpet.

5. Installation / Delivery
Upon delivery, the remaining outstanding 50% is billed

* As standard, prices include all deliveries & installation (where possible). For an additional cost, underlay & vintage brass fittings can be provided, if desired.
Staircases and other technical instances will incur extra charges for the services of a fitting contractor.

Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs | Stroud | London | Bespoke traditional rug production


Ethical Working Practices & Responsibility
Turkey: Following on from the Dobag Project, which in early 1980s was a UNESCO funded endeavour to reintroduce natural dyes and hand spinning, we are continuing to maintain and develop cultural heritage by supporting production and rewarding skilled weavers.
Afghanistan: Working with Turquoise Mountain, a charitable foundation that revives traditional crafts, skills and jobs.

Video: Turkish Bespoke Carpet Production

Natural, Sustainable Materials
Our custom hand-made rugs are produced using blends of high-altitude wool, which is hand-spun to give a high lustre yarn. Native plants and mineral mordents are then used for dyeing. 

Video: Turkish Natural Dyes


Price list 2024

Turkish Kırşehir quality 28 x 28 dcm (in natural dyes) £900 +VAT per ㎡
Turkish Kasak quality 25 x 25 dcm - minimum (in natural dyes) £800 +VAT per ㎡
Turkish Ushak quality 19 x 19 dcm (usually natural dyes) £700 +VAT per ㎡
Turkish Caravanserai quality 25 x 25 dcm - approx (not natural dyes) £675 +VAT per ㎡
Afghan TM quality 35 x 35 dcm (60% natural dyes) £540 +VAT per ㎡
>>> Silk on application


Prices attract a 12.5% +VAT trade discount to decorators for CROR 'house style' designs
Free sample:  0.2㎡ sample produced with no obligation to contract - further samples can be made pro-rata, subject to contract

End finishes:  fringes with short flatweave  //  plaited  //  flatweave folded verso & hemmed

Sizes:  1-2% variation (approx) due to the nature of being handmade


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