Turkish Obruk looped pile Çeki Tülü rug (161 x 110cm)

£ 390.00

161 x 110 cm  //  5ft 3" x 3ft 7"

Repeated panel design with a Central Asian motif

Tending to be light in weight, Çeki Tülü rugs are made drawing the dyed yarn over a wood or metal rod without cutting, leaving a looped towel type finish - unlike more familiar knotted and cut pile rugs and carpets. Sizes are almost always restricted to small rugs, which may never have been intended for the bazaar and deemed for inauspicious domestic home use. In recent times this technique is peculiar to Obruk, which is east of Konya in Central Turkey. However, the method probably existed elsewhere in Asia Minor at some point in history, as depicted in undefined late Renaissance paintings. This vintage soft handle rug is made from wool and mohair.

Comes with complimentary non-slip underlay

• unused condition

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