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Clive Rogers Orient Rug | Stroud | London | Bespoke technical drawing

A lifetime’s experience with antique carpets has guided into making hand made carpets to individual requirements — be it straight replicas, moderated antique designs or entirely new concepts. The work also includes installation fit outs with specialty staircases. Most weaving is done in Turkey via our outpost in Istanbul using sustainable materials, natural dyes and hand spun wool using non-exploitative labour.

We work for and alongside creative individuals and companies in the decorative arts including Tom Fereday, Rifat Ozbek, Soane, Howe, Retrouvius and Tom Bell.

Video: How our bespoke rugs are made in Turkey

Commissioning Process in 5 Stages

1. Initial Site Visit & Assessment
Free site visit to take measurements and discuss aspects of function

2. Customisation
Agree design and determine customisation and colourway combinations with colour charts for reference.
NB - due to vagaries associated with natural dyes, inevitable variations occur.

3. Bespoke Sample Produced (4-6 weeks)
Once the above is agreed a bespoke sample can made to specifications.

4. Contract & Production
A 50% deposit is billed once the sample is seen and approved. Once funds are received weaving commences which may take 3 to 9 months depending on the size. A very large 25 sq. metre carpet may take 8 months whilst a Two sq, mt. rug only three months.

5. Installation / Delivery
The remaining outstanding 50% is billed and installation or delivery arranged.

* Prices include all deliveries, installation (where possible), underlay and vintage brass fittings if desired.
Staircases and some other instances are likely to require the services of a fitting contractor.

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Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs | Stroud | London | Bespoke traditional rug production