Bespoke Production

Over 40 years experience designing, manufacturing and installing rugs and carpets, with a specialism in staircase runners

In addition to the supply of antique rugs, new carpets can be made bespoke to individual requirements with staircases being a speciality, which are done working alongside our outpost in Istanbul to coordinate projects. These have ranged from private homes, hospitality venues, and interior design/architectural projects working with respected industry names including Tom Fereday, Rifat Ozbek, Soane, Howe and Tom Bell.
Bespoke designs are generally based on traditional pieces, concentrating particularly on Turkish Ushak styles, including our signature designs, and themes from the British Arts & Crafts movement.

Antique Hardware for staircase fittings
Staircase planning is a particular speciality and as with rugs and carpets, we are able to produce staircase and landing runners to your exact requirements. All bespoke prices include installation, underlay and brass fittings where applicable.
CROR Bespoke staircase runners


bespoke rug process

1. Initial Site Visit & Assessment
A site visit is arranged to take measurements and discuss what could work in terms of dimensions and functionality.

2. Customisation
Once you are happy with a design, we can discuss customisation and colour combinations, using a chart of our natural dyes for reference. Please note that due to vagaries associated with natural dyes inevitable variations occur meaning precision can never entirely be determined. 

3. Bespoke Sample Produced (4-6 weeks)
Once your design and colour scheme has been chosen, we will have a bespoke sample made to the exact specifications. With the sample approved, we then organise production.

4. Production (3-6 months)
The majority of our carpets are directly monitored and made in central Turkey with our long-established contacts. Turkish carpets are often softer in texture with a higher wool pile whilst hardier, finer and short-clipped carpets are woven in Afghanistan. All our carpets are woven by hand, using high-quality, traditional, natural and sustainable materials, and non-exploitative labour. (See more about our ethical and sustainability practises)

5. Site Visit & Installation
Once the completed carpets arrive in the UK to the London workshop, we will arrange a final site visit to install the carpets. In the case of staircases and runners, we can also supply antique fixings and hardware to complete the project.

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