Palampore Kalmkari antique cotton print (101 x 82cm)

£ 580.00

101 x 82 cm  //  3ft 4" x  3ft

Indian Coromandel Palampore work was exported in this design and by mid 19th cent kalmakari work appears to have been contemporaneously done with that of India  eventually replacing it possibly by the efforts of Armenian traders and craftspeople . The colours on the present piece incorporate a soft mauve which is more characteristic of earlier South Indian work than of later kalamkaris elwhere . The word Kalamkari means free hand pen / painting ( onto cloth ) and is a term now slightly misused to describe woodblock printing augmented by free hand fill in.. The top center inscription reads  سبحان ربی العلی و بحمده  which is a standard prayer.

• Second quarter of the 19th cent

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