Anglo-Indian Punjab inlaid octagonal hardwood table (61 x 61cm)


Height: 61cm | Width: 61cm  //  equivalent to 2ft square

Made in Lahore or Hoshiapur / Hoshiarpur workshops in Northern Punjab aND served the Anglo Indian market circa 1900 and possibly employed Kashmiri artisans. Sold throughout hill stations and cantonments and likely outlets in close-by Lahore and Delhi. Doubtless the clever folding octagonal design was intended for easy shipment. The styling in hardwood such as Padouk and was based on earlier Mysore products in a combination of Moorish and Indian taste. Such tables came in four or five sizes this being the largest. invariably inlaid with either brass, copper, bone and ebony or combinations.
 The example here has ebony stringing into padouk wood with brass and copper inlay and is of exquisite quality which leads us to suspect that a Lahore oriogin is the more likely.

The once folding action has been made permanently fixed.

One small section  of fretwork has been damaged with small losses - please see detail photos.

• circa 1900

Ref. 16178

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