Caucasian antique 'dragon' soumak fragment (157 x 207cm)

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157 x 207 cm  //  5ft 2" x 6ft 9"

These rare and desired flatweave carpet designs, present an interpretation of the famed 'Dragon & Phoenix‘ motif that seen here, has become fabulously degraded through geometric stylisation of the 19th C. Earlier pile carpets are more closely recognised as originating from Far Eastern China with the design feature extensively used in 16th C Far Eastern art, particularly in ceramics.

This surviving remnant was once the midway section of a soumak carpet. The inscription and possible date is on a patch retrieved from one corner - inscription/date possibly reads 1291 AH (1874 AD), whereas dragon soumaks of this fine type are generally credited as being made earlier.

• late 19th C

Ref. 17674