Caucasian Shah Savan antique soumac bagface (55 x 50cm)

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55 x 50 cm  //  1ft 10" x 1ft 8"

This bagface was once most likely one from a pair decorative faces known in Turkish Azeri as heybe - pannier bag in English.  Single bag faces were also produced for what must have been prestige household purposes. Although the origin of the region is not in doubt, the making is popularly attributed to the Shah Savan - a group who were semi nomadic until the late 19th C / early 20th C and were forced to move to the border region as a buffer force. This group of people produced accomplished soumac weaving techniques, which served a purpose of being decorative as well as sturdy in function.

Exquisite workmanship has gone into making these and rank as something rather particular as a hybrid and rightly considered something of a high watermark of accomplishment in terms of beauty and technique.

The fastenings and plain woven backing has been removed at some point for art presentation.

CF. lot 114 Kaffel Collection, Grogan & Co. Boston, 21 January 2024

• late 19th C

Ref. 17269

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