Greek antique Epirus embroidery fragment (112 x 33cm)


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112 x 33 cm  //  3ft 8" x 1ft 1"

The fragment is on a linen ground with densely packed silk embroidery covering practically the entire surface, which is something uncommon in Greek or Greek Island embroideries. The silk is loosely plyed / spun.

It appears to be part of a border, which might have been a surround to a plain centre bed sheet as in a somewhat similar complete item in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum London, acquired 1928.
 // T.24-1928

Another full bedspread example was recently exhibited at the Aegean Legacies exhibition Ashmolean Museum, Oxord (catalogue page 74) // EA1989.211

The edging is not original and neither is the green silk backing - photos taken prior to cleaning

• probably Epirus 18th C

Ref. 17208

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