Punjab Fulkari / Phulkari vintage shawl (222 x 121cm) *AF

£ 130.00

222 x 121 cm  //  7ft 3" x 4ft

Such animated and joyful shawls are embroidered in silk floss onto a hand-spun and woven soft cotton ground. Credited as being from the previously mixed race population of Western Punjab, now in present day Pakistan
. Supposedly the product of Hindu artisans for their feudal Muslim patrons and evidenced by their disappearance in these forms in the post partition of Pakistan and India.

As found (AF) - this lovely example has suffered abrasion resulting in the loss of un-spun silk embroidery but it nevertheless remains fully intact and therefore useable

• first half 20th C (prior to 1947)

Ref. 17424

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