Levant antique octagonal table (54 x 45cm)

£ 480.00

Height: 54cm | Width: 45cm  // 1ft 9" x 1ft 5"

This Ottoman provinces Walnut or Apricot wood table is carved and inlaid with mother of pearl with some parts missing on the top. Other decorative elements include Mashrabia which are the turned and joined parts in the uprights of the legs.

During the Belle Époque period it was considered dandy to have the odd exotic item of furniture in ones cluttered late Victorian or Edwardian boudoir or parlor. With increased commercial sea links and troop movements via Suez from India and the Levant large items could be readily shipped individually and commercially en-masse to the likes of Liberty & Co adapting into the current fashionable taste for the Arts and Crafts movement.of the day which emulated such oriental exotica.

• circa 1900

Ref. 15362

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