Kurdistan antique oversize kelleigh carpet (450 x 169cm)

£ 4,560.00

450 x 169 cm  //  14ft 9" x 5ft 7"

Elderly narrow proportion carpets can be termed 'Kelleigh' and represent an earlier tradition of making longer format carpets perhaps dictated by a narrow looms. The elongated designs lend a special local elegance to the result an the aesthetic is not always easily adapted in squarer formats as demanded for European export demands. Such narrower carpets and runners were sometimes made as audience sets for local khans or grouped together to accommodate larger buildings or tents.

Although in ready to use condition the carpet has a few old repairs and worn areas and further restoration is something we are actively considering

Also see the smaller companion carpet acquired quite separately Ref. 16027

• first half 19th cent

Ref. 15676

Collections: Carpets, Carpets Oversize

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