CROR bespoke Rose carpet (277 x 201cm) *new


277 x 201 cm  //  9ft 1" x 6ft 7" (5.57 sq m)

Ushak quality knot count: 19 x 19 dcm

RRP: £4677 (£3897 +VAT)

This particular piece for sale is discounted due to the client wanting a colourway adjustment after it was made


The design of this small carpet is an adaptation of the Rose design which CF Voysey  a  well known designer and architect of the later Arts and Crafts movement and used in Donegal carpets in the Edwardian period . This Bespoke carpet was made by us to fulfil an order which since replaced and changed for a larger piece. In 2023 a further adaption was made using an Art Nouveau border see Ref. 16707

• produced in Turkey for Clive Rogers 

Ref. 15624

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