Algerian vintage wool and cotton flatweave (262 x 116cm)

£ 600.00

262 x 116 cm  //  8ft 7" x 3ft 10"

Ideal for a throw or light floor use with a complimentary non-slip underlay

Cotton and wool flatweave in various techniques, including kilim tapestry - possibly a ceremonial mantle. Kilim tapestry technique is relatively uncommon in North Africa but is practised in the Gafsa Oasis in South West Tunisia. This flatweave, however, does not resemble those famous purely kilim slit tapestries done in strong reds and blues, often depicting camels. The fabric is more that of Algerian and Moroccan weavings both in the soft handle and appearance of Berber weavings from Southern Atlas and elswhere in that part of the Magreb.

• mid cent

Ref. 17391

Collections: Flatweaves / Kilims, Rugs

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