Fars or Gashgai type antique carpet (305 x 148cm)

£ 1,400.00

305 x 148 cm  //  10ft x 4ft 10"

The late Dr. Ian Bennett credited this rare type of carpet to the Shekarlu group who marketed their rugs in the Shiraz Bazaar of the Fars region. That defination usually refers to somewhat meatier squarish products of that particular clan or taifeh which incororated Gasgai themes rather than lighter finer creations such as the example here.

This beautiful but unattributed carpet is evenly worn and consequently now thin but remains perfectly usable for many more years. To protect the carpet's longevity a complimentary underlay is offered along with it's purchase

• late 19th C (acquired Mesopotamia, 1918)

Ref. 17636

Collections: Carpets, Rugs

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