Turkmen antique Ersari carpet (260 x 204cm)

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260 x 204 cm  //  8ft 6" x 6ft 8"

Judging by its square proportion, the carpet was likely made for a yurt rather than trade. The carpet has lost borders at one end (plainweave finish missing), whilst the a remnant of the plainweave remains at the other end. The likely original length would have been at least 285cm and so about 25cm is lost.

The carpet is partly unevenly faded from sunlight - most particularly the naturally pigmented nut brown wool. The red field colour which appears to be a mix of natural and chemical dyes and discloses true age since a carpet so well drawn, proportioned and beautiful could well be taken as somewhat older.

• late 19th c.

Ref.  • 17200

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