Chinese antique yellow silk brocade fragment (252 x 60 cm)


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252 x 60 cm 8ft 3 " x 2ft

The silk fragment depicting dragons is done in a technique of weft pattern bands intermittent with plain weave yellow bands. The width is cut with a raw edge on one side of the entire length meaning that the width is not  a complete loom width having only one selvedge. Drawing is indistinct but in wonderful colour and materials. The decorative weft pattern contains gold threads used to highlight details. In parts some of the plain yellow bands has  suffered losses possibly due to local  some friction in use or some corrosion. The cloth is severely creased the result result of poor storage and not being foldecd or rolled correctly and it may be possible to iron these out . Storage has however preserved the colour and suppleness of the fabric .

• Likely late Ming early Qing Dynasty

Ref 15980




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