Balouch Brahui antique flatweave (310 x 115cm)



310 x 115 cm  //  10ft 2" x 3ft 8"

The Brahui are an ethnic group of about 2.2 million people with the majority found in Kalat, Pakistan, but also found in smaller numbers in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. They are closely linked to the Balouch with whom they have substantially intermingled and whose cultural traits they have absorbed. Linguistically, they speak the Brahui language, which is a North Dravidian language, but due to its isolation from the other Dravidian tongues it has considerable Balouchi vocabulary and even counting begins with Balouchi numbers. There is no distinct indigenous script for Brahui; like Balouchi it is written in Perso-Arabic alphabet. Brahui is spoken in the following areas: Merv area of Turkmenistan, Sindh, Zahedan and Zabol, Balouchistan, southern parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan Balouchistan and with the bulk in the Jhalawan region.

The flatweave has a couple of repairs as seen in the photos but is made entrirely from natural dyes

• early 20th cent (quite likely older)

Ref. 15602


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