Indo-Pak Sindhi antique doubleweave Khes (230 x 138cm)

£ 280.00

230 x 138 cm
  //  7ft 10" x 4ft 3"

Comprising of two panels this doubleweave  
was made in Nasarpur present day Sindh in Pakistan and appears virtually unused. Khes is a general term in both Sindhi and Punjabi for a thin blanket. A very similar one used in a Karachi Jail in 1881 and now part of the V&A collection is 210-1883 (collected 1883). The manufacturing endeavour with such cotton double weaves was purportedly a British enterprise initially.

The Victoria & Albert Museum piece 210-1883 was published in the 1997/8 book catalogue COLOURS OF THE INDUS Nasreen Askari and Rosemary Crill, plate 85 also see other examples plates 83, 84 and 86.

Condition: There are several stains on the peice we are trying to rectify - shown in last series of detail photos

• circa 1880

Ref. 16676