Greek Island antique N. Sporades silk embroidery (97 x 97cm)


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RESERVED UNTIL 15 March 2023

97 x 97 cm  /  3ft 2" x 3ft 2"

The embroidery depicts ships, including full square rigged sailing ship and most notably a paddle steamer with a large smoke stack date-able by its naval architecture . Steam came to motion power at the same time and even before the railways as evidenced from J.M.W. Turner's famous painting 'The Fighting Temeraire' dated 1839. This thus imbues the embroidery with a certain importance documenting the history of sea faring in the Levant.

• circa 1830s

Provenance: Alexandria collection

The embroidery is now expertly mounted onto a transparent mesh. Additionally a sleeve of the same material has been sewn across the top edge with a supporting Acrylglas/Plexiglass rod inserted in order for it to be hung. The result of the work thus renders all conservation efforts as virtually invisible as well as reversible.  Also one can fix a second transparent Acrylglas - stick on the bottom side, to stretch it a bit if required.

Ref. * 14341

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