Indian antique Pichwai type painted textile (68 x 49 cm)


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68 x 49 = 2ft 3" x 1ft 7" ( mounted on a stretcher )


Painted NW Indian textiles are popularly known as Pichwaio and done in West Rajasthan  however this textile  bears more in its technique to a Sindhi work employing gum adhered to the textile with a pen or other means which is then further embellished. This example has ground silver paste and other pigments applied to the gum part which itself is adhered to the cotton textile as a base.

In its present form the textile is a fragment taken from a larger hanging or decorative textile . The niche likely bearing no relation the the original design that part probably being part of the border or surround.

Condition rubbing to edges and water mark across the bottom of the textile.

19th cent

Ref 15868






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