Isphahaan 'Kalamkari' prints [2]


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95 x 56 cm & 98 x 58 cm  //  3ft 2" x 1t 10" & 3ft 3" x 1ft 11"

These types of prints go by the title Kalamkari, which in Farsi means hand-work - the expression being popularly used in Southern India. Kalamkari was derived from the words "kalam" = "pen" and "kari" = work. This, however, is a misnomer when applied to many printed textiles since the term now extends to fine wood block prints such as these with only the finishing by a pen to connect the blocked parts and elswhere to embelish details rather than entirely hand drawn as the term would or should apply. This type of work is immitative of earlier South Indian exported goods from 18th and early 19th cent.

These two fragments have been cut down from what was once a large bed cover or spread the boteh or paisley designs constituting the end border bands.

• circa 1900

Ref. 16526

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