Javanese batik sarong possibly Cirebon (230 x 107cm)

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230 x 107cm  /  7ft 7" x 3ft 6"

The sarong is a genuine batik work and not a print. Rather humorously umbrellas alternate open and closed in two directions up and down within a lattice.

The Javanese concept of Morning and Evening pattern Pangi-Sore is a familiar one in Indonesia and as such facilitates the wearer to flip an upended  pattern and switch using the same sarong whilst giving the impression of wearing another another different garment. Although according to Dr. Fiona Kerlogue the renowned specialist in batik that is not the case here. She goes on to say that it was common in Cirebon to divide the field into a diagonal lattice with a blue black and brown ground so it may have come from there however designs were freely copied in Northern Java.

Chinese characters are written in one corner . To the far right of the inscription after the 4/7 are the figures '7' and '2' in Chinese script. The figure to the left of the 4/7 is an 8.  It's unlikely that the rest of the inscription is very significant and likely a merchant's stock in trade mark.

• mid cent (1930-1970)

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