Opéra Russe å Paris, Prince Igor" by Borodine 1930 illustrated programme

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Opéra Russe à Paris - Prince Igor" by Borodine

Programme of the second season of "Opéra Russe à Paris" (General Director: Prince A. Zereteli, Administrative Director: W. De Basil) at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées, Paris, Printemps (Spring) 1930. Settings and costumes by Ivan Bilibin.

Original programme printed by De Vaugirard, Paris, in 1930 ; 28 pages ; 31 x 24 cm

Cover by Ivan Bilibin ; eight color glue-ins and two monochrome illustrations by Ivan Bilibin ; numerous black-and-white photographs with the portrait of all the artists and performers. 

Cover rubbed spin

Ref 15102

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