Safavid silk brocade fragment • early 17th cent (18 x 15cm)

£ 325.00

18 x 15cm / 7 x 6"
The small fragment with alternating rows of of lifelike flowering plants. Published cfs of other fragments from same cloths and source “Und Blumen sing’ich ungestört Von ihrem Shawl herunter “ Perische Seiden 16.-18. Jahunderst aus dem Besitz des Deutschen Textilmuseums Krefeld. Ausstellung vom 19 June bis zum 28 August 1988 Krefeld 1988 Provenance: “textiles from same and related pieces in the Krefeld Museum, Germany” all of them were bought from Said Motamed between 1955 and 1986, citing the 1988 Persische Seiden book.
Condition: Some surface wear and frayed edges no selvedge. Mounted within a card frames with non static polymer sleeve

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