Spanish antique Grenada Alpujarras rug fragment (214 x 117cm) *AF


214 x 117 cm  //  7ft x 3ft 10"
The looped pile rug comprises of two parts has survived more or less complete dimenion but with considerable losses - it is been carefully conserved onto a linen mount.
Often pieces of this type from late eighteenth century survive with inscriptions and dates in a very European style however this example exhibits a more Moorish / Turkic taste giving rise to a speculation as to an earlier date.

Basically the weave is a variation of simple tabby, with (part of) the weft in the alternate sheds pulled up by hand into simple loops without knots. Were it not for the loops, the weave would be an "extended simple tabby", "extended" because the weft in the alternate sheds is grouped rather than a single thread. 

• 18th cent or earlier

Ref • 10822