Sumatran Minangkabau silk / gilt selendang (258 x 83cm)

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258 x 83 cm  //  8ft 6" x 2ft 9"

Spelt variously selendang and slendang - a long ceremonial shoulder cloth worn by women in central and south Sumatra ( Kain sandang cukia kuriak putiah ) with this example being from the region of Koto Gadang Bukittinngi/ Padang. Spun plied silk in red and yellow plaid and brocaded yellow floss silk in one panel each end with cotton edging borders. Gold wrapped thread on cotton is brocaded at end end symetrically . Lined with a brown glazed cotton, which is not original but held to preserve the structure (although the structure is not weakened). The ends are trimmed with gilded lacewor

At the time the photo was taken, there is staining to the outer border, which may or may not be successfully removed.

• first half 20th C - prior to 1940 Japanese occupation

CF - page 133 plale 6.57 Walk in Splendor, Anne and John Summerfield Fowler Textile Museum USA 2001 collection of H. Elly Azhar and H.A. Sutan Madjo Indo

Ref. 17445

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