French antique 'Vedure' tapestry fragment (129 x 63cm)

£ 780.00

Frame size: 129 x 63 cm  //  3ft 11" x 1ft 9"

Tapestry: 120 x 54 cm

The fragment comes from a large tapestry probably originally measuring approx 4 x 3 metres. The group depicted here are probaly a set of subsidiuary characters to the main theme at a guess in the  lower right. of theoriginal. The main person being a violinist accompanyied by two other figures one a lady wearing a hat of the period another male doning a medieal period cap.

The tapestry has been mounted onto a board and is enclosed in a old wood picture Provenance: Rowley, South Kensington, London

• circa 1700

Ref. 16561