Turkish Bergama 'Holbein' rug fragment (84 x 60cm)

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84 x 60 cm  //  2ft 9" x 2ft

(mount size: 94 x 67 cm)

Although the surviving fragment represents less than 1/4 of the original square format rug, what survives is in almost as new pile condition. The colour remains fresh and undiminished in preservation. The design is what is known as Holbein type IV composition, recognising a design as that depicted in the 1533 painting 'The Ambassadors' by Hans Holbein. Bergama (ancient Pergamon) lays in West Turkey north of Izmir and is known for its classical ruins, which includes an amphitheatre.

CF Plate 32 Kurt Erdmann , The History of the Early Turkish Carpet , reprinted Oguz Press London 1977

Provenance : Collection of the late Sefik Fenman ex Turkish Minister of Protocal

• second half 18th C

Ref. 16710

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