Uzbekistan antique ikat Adras panel (171 x 81cm)

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171 x 81 cm  //  6ft 8" x 2ft 8"

This ikat Adras panel was acquired in pieces, which were deconstructed and again reconstructed to more effectively show its original complete pattern, as conceived. The whole comprises of two joined lengths of approx 40cm excluding a loose blue selvedge and made of various pieces. It is lined with an old chequered cotton cloth of the period. In small letters there is an inked inscription in Dari and seems to translate  Aalam (probably a name), Ba (with), fourth word indecipherable, with the last word reading Amanat (loan) so possibly something to do with a name of the owner from who it was loaned or a surety?

• late 19th cent

Ref. 16667

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