William Morris & Co. block print 'Trent' (88 x 91cm)

£ 280.00

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Height: 88cm / 2ft 10"  |  Width: 91cm / 2ft 12"  (including mount)

Untypically the Trent design was printed onto linen whereas most Morris and Co fabric prints were usually done on cotton. Lynda Parry quotes as " the most expensive of the Morris & Co range the only pattern printed exclusively on linen. " Trent was drawn up by the senior designer J.H.Dearle and registered in 1888. Following on from William Morris himself Dearle was responsible for most or all of of the later carpet designs at Merton Abbey Works and even after the Merton Abbey closed around 1905 when carpet commissions were sent to Royal Wilton carpet factory at Salisbury.

Acquired in poor condition the print is now well conserved onto linen supporting mount.

CF plate 63, Parry.L., William Morris Textiles, Weidenfield and Nicholson, London, 1983

NB Parry's cited example is done in another colourway with a red background

Used at Bullerswood 1889 which also once housed the Bullersworth carpet

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