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"A medium encompassing great design and colour, all wrapped up with human culture, endeavour and history."

Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs

Operating from Stroud, Gloucestershire • Long established dealing with antique rugs and textiles • Full bespoke service in design, manufacture and the installation of new custom rugs, carpets and runners • Comprehensive care, cleaning and restoration service through a London workshop, additionally tasked by an on-site team at customer's homes and premises • Major restoration projects overseen in Turkey where we also operate • Extensive research and curation service available to private, corporate and national collections enhanced by a dedicated reference library in Stroud, available to researchers by appointment

Clive Rogers Oriental Rug | Stroud | London | cleaning & restoration

Cleaning & Restoration

Routine cleaning and repairs can be undertaken at our London workshop, to help preserve the beauty and longevity of your carpet against everyday wear and tear. Fraying, fading, stains and general wear can all be repaired. More serious problems such as tears, holes and moth damage, can be treated. Additionally, we are also able to resize rugs to repurpose or when reducing the damage is required to make the rug serviceable. Repair services with a small team can be made available at the customer's location. Major and large-scale carpet restoration works are arranged to be done at our outreach in Turkey. Rugs and carpets are always cleaned before any repair and restoration work takes place. This is so that any moth larvae and eggs are killed to prevent further damage, dirt and dust is removed making the repair process more efficient and it helps bring out the true colours so they can be matched better to materials. Even without any repair work, a professional clean can make a significant improvement in the health, appearance and longevity of your rug or carpet. All cleaning work is done using gentle and appropriate natural cleaners that do not damage the natural dyes in the rugs and carpets. Repairs and restorations are undertaken by hand using traditional tools and methods.
Video: Behind the scenes at the workshop

Clive Rogers Oriental Rug | Stroud | London | curation & consultancy

Curation & Consultancy

From the resources available from our Stroud studio, we can provide forensic analysis of historic carpets and textiles. We offer a comprehensive curation and consultancy service covering single items up to entire collections in private, corporate and national holdings.
Services include:
Research and dating / Structural analysis / Cataloguing and database creation / Valuation for probate and replacements

Clive Rogers Oriental Rug | Stroud | London | antique rug and prop hire

Rug & Prop Hire

We offer an authentic, antique rug and prop hire service with our stock for photoshoots, filming, fairs and interior styling.
Guidance can also be offered to ensure that any items hired are historically and culturally accurate for the required context.
All hire services are with the following agreement:
- Items must be returned in the same condition as hired
- Secure courier/transport must be organised and paid for by the client
- Any additional costs incurred for cleaning/repair will be charged to the client

If you have a specific requirement in mind, get in touch and we can advise on what we have to meet your needs.